Pastry & Basting Brushes...

Best's  variety  of brushes ensures the perfect brush for the job, from heavy sauce basting to delicate pastry brushing. Natural Boar bristles are epoxy secured in dishwasher safe, rust free plastic ferrules with handles of smooth wood.   Made in USA
Made in Mexico​​​​​​​

Size/Shape           Model #

1"  Flat                   # S-321
1.5" Flat                 # S-320
2" Flat                    # S-322
1" Round               # S-342
Clean Up Brushes...

Commercial quality special purpose brushes make jobs easier.  They all go into the dishwasher for sanitizing.  Nylon bristles are embedded in plastic handles.  Made in Mexico

Made in Mexico
Purpose            Model #

Tube                  # S-101
Blender              # S-100
Dishwasher        # S-112
Topping/Sandwich Spreaders...

Get it done fast, we say, and to that end every kitchen should have these serrated stainless spreaders that do both filling and cutting  jobs.  Wide 3.5" blades in wood handle are dishwasher safe. Imported
Made in Taiwan                                                                                                 Made in China

# B-288                                                                                                               # B-688
Utility spatulas...

The commercial style stainless steel blade on the small square spatula is ideal for serving small squares and handling cookies or hors oeuvres. The cake/pie server ensures the first slice out of the dessert is as clean as the rest. Made in Taiwan
Made in Taiwan

Purpose            Model #

Cookie                # B-24
Cake / Pie           # B-25

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